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Estd. 1988

      •   For external examination  syllabus of each subject will be divided  into equal five units.

•   Examination  will  be conducted  by the  controller   or the  Examinations  University  of

Kashmir at the end of the academic session.

• There  will  be two  types  of  questions  in the  question  paper  i.e.  medium  and  long answer type questions comprising of Section A and Section B.

• In Section  A there  will  be five  medium  type  questions,  one  question  with  internal choice from each unit. All the five questions will  be compulsory.

 There will  be five long answer type questions  in Section B one from  each unit and the student  will  be required  to attempt  any three  questions.  The distribution   of marks is

reflected  as:-

Theory  paper Carrying 100 marks                        Theory  paper Carrying 150 marks

Section A                                                                                       Section A

5 medium  answer type  questions each carrying     5 medium  answer type questions  each carrying

7 marks (5x7)= 35                                                                7 marks (5x10)= 50


Section B                                                                                     Section B

3 Long answer type questions  each carrying            3 Long answer type questions  each carrying

13 marks (3x13)= 39 (Approx.40  marks)                 13 marks (3x17)= 51 (Approx.50  marks)

Internal  Examination  =25 marks                                Internal  Examination  =50 marks

External  Examination  = 75                                             External Examination  = 100

•   Passpercentage shall remain unchanged for both internal  and external examinations.

•   Re-evaluation  scheme as provided  under the existing statute  shall remain  unchanged.

    Eligibility  shall be determined  on the basis of 75 marks and 100 marks in case of theory

    paper carrying  an aggregate of 100 and 150 marks respectively.  Internal  assessment shall not be        subjected to any re-evaluation.

•   The single paper will  not affect the present eligibility   norms for promotion  to the next


External Examination