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Estd. 1988

This test shall be called as Internal  Assessment Test, it shall consist of two  components:-

A)    Attendance

B)     Mid term test/assignment/project work.

The distribution   of marks in the assessment is reflected  in the table  as under:-

Component               Theory paper carrying 100 marks   Theory paper carrying 150 marks

Attendance                                  5 marks                                            10 marks

                                                                    1 mark (75-80%)                              2 mark (75-80%)

                                                                    3marks (80-90%)                             6 marks (80-90%)

                                                                    5 marks (90-100%)                           10 marks (90-100%)

Mid term  test/ project  work               20 Marks                                           40 Marks assignment  

                                                                      Total:  5+ 20=25                               Total:  10+ 40=50

  Composition   of  marks  among  three   components   of  the   part  (b)  i.e.  Mid  term test/assignment/project work shall be decided by the college.

•   Internal  assessment  test  shall  be conducted   in first  fortnight   of August  each year.

Online award rolls against the examination   Roll number  shall be completed  by 1st  of September.  Online submission of award list by the end of 3rd  week of September  each year.

•    Each page of the mid term  test/assignment/project     work  shall be signed by both the

student  and the concerned  teacher. The topics  for written   test /assignment/project work will  be assigned and evaluated  by the concerned teacher.

•   Each component  of the internal  assessment test i.e. mid term test/assignment/project

work,  shall be preserved  upto one year by the college. These will  be subjected to any inspection  by the Principal  of the college / University  inspection  team or controller  of examinations.

•   Xerox copy of any of these components  could  be asked for  by the student  under  RTI

Act. The same shall be applicable to the attendance  register as well.

Both  components  of the internal  assessment test shall  be compulsory;  student failing in any component  shall not be allowed  to sit in the external examination.

•   Student must have a minimum  75% of attendance  in each subject.

•   Student  has to secure minimum   of 36% marks in mid term  test/assignment/project  work.  If college offers all the three, the 36% pass percentage in each component  shall be applicable.

Internal  Examination  at college Level